3 Musical Biopics I’d Love to See

I’ve made it no secret these past couple of weeks that I’m a huge fan of Dexter Fletcher’s wonderfully energetic and vibrant Rocketman, a biopic covering the highs and lows of Elton John’s early career. Having now seen the film four times (I know, I know), I have finally started seeing other films at the pictures. I saw Aladdin the other day and was surprised to discover that I didn’t hate it (it still wasn’t my cup of tea, however, and I’ll definitely be sticking to the animated version).

Nevertheless, even though I have *slightly* moved on from how great Rocketman was (although I’ve been filling up most of my days by listening to the electric soundtrack), I can’t stop thinking about the other biopics about musicians that I would love to see one day. If Fletcher’s film has taught us anything, it’s that biopics – with their cliched stories about struggling artists – can be creative, original, exciting and just a lot of good fun. So, with that said, here are three musical biopics I would love to see get made.

Fleetwood Mac

I think this is the one I’d be most desperate to see. Fleetwood Mac have arguably one of the greatest discographies of any musical group out there, but what is even more fascinating about them is what took place behind the scenes during their wild career. When their most famous album, Rumours, was released, the romantic relationships within the band hadn’t just broken down; they had collapsed. There was much tension behind the scenes and, of course, a substantial amount of drugs were taken. And the band members are yet to fully reconcile to this day (vocalist Stevie Nicks kicked her ex-boyfriend and significant member of the group, Lindsey Buckingham, out of the band in recent years). But, through all of these bitter arguments, the band still managed to create some of the greatest music of all time. Who wouldn’t want to see how they managed to hold it all together, against all odds?

Is it likely to be made? It’s difficult to tell at this point. Nicks doesn’t seem to be against the idea, having stated that she would love to see Reese Witherspoon play her. However, the singer now believes Witherspoon is too old for the role, so a suitable replacement would have to be found. Anyone would struggle to find the perfect cast for one of the world’s best bands. I think Bradley Cooper could be a good fit for Buckingham, although, despite his evident vocal talent in A Star Is Born, I’m not sure if he could hit the high notes that Buckingham is famous for. With that said, the members of Fleetwood Mac don’t strike me as the type of people who worry about their private lives being brought into the spotlight, so I wouldn’t entirely rule out the possibility of a biopic going into the works.

What would the film be called? “Rumours” seems to be a very good fit. Not only was it the name of the band’s most successful album, it would also hint at everything that was taking place between them behind closed doors.

Frank Sinatra

Ah yes, ol’ blue eyes. From what I already know about Frank Sinatra, he seemed to be a very complex figure. Here was a man who sang some of the most iconic songs of all time and did so with charm, class and sophistication. But he was also someone who had many romantic relationships, suffered from bouts of depression and even had social ties with gangsters. Seeing these two sides to Frank Sinatra’s personality would be very interesting indeed, although it would be a lot for an actor to take on. More than anything, though, I am just obsessed with his music and have been for a long time. He had one of the most soothing voices ever, and I would love nothing more than to see an actor with some vocal power sing the likes of “I’ve Got You Under My Skin”, “Luck be a Lady” and “New York, New York” in a musical with a 1950s movie backdrop.

Is it likely to be made? The chances are, unfortunately, very slim. Legendary filmmaker Martin Scorsese has wanted to make a biopic on the singer for years, but was unable to do so due to the fact that Sinatra’s family do not want the more controversial aspects of Frank’s life being dragged into the spotlight. This is understandable, but nonetheless disappointing, as it would make for a very interesting and unique film. Rocketman’s Dexter Fletcher has also expressed interest in making the biopic recently, but Sinatra’s family would have to be appeased first. It sounds like I may have to give up on my dream of seeing Richard Madden play Sinatra in a 1950s-themed musical with an extreme classic Hollywood vibe. One can only hope.

What would the film be called? “Sinatra” would be a simple title, but it’s a classy surname that fits in with Frank’s suave persona. Alternatively, it could be called “My Way”, but it would seem less appropriate given Sinatra’s well-known distaste for one of his best-loved songs.

David Bowie

One of the most innovative musicians of the 1970s and 1980s, David Bowie was a fascinating musical figure. Indeed, no one has ever made music like his, and I doubt anyone will ever be able to fully replicate his strangeness and otherworldly wonder. Like Rocketman, I could imagine a biopic about Bowie being fantastical and surrealistic, considering that Bowie was also taking a lot of drugs during the 70s. It would also be fascinating to see how the media portrayed Bowie in the 70s, given how flamboyant and bizarre some of his outfits were. But there was a magic to Bowie that made him so special, and I’d love to see songs like “Space Oddity”, “Life on Mars?” and “Heroes” being tied into a dreamlike fantasy film. As far as I am aware, Bowie didn’t have a very controversial private life, so it’s doubtful that his family would have to worry about the way he’d be portrayed onscreen.

Is it likely to be made? I’ve heard numerous times that a Bowie film will be made, but there never seems to be much follow-up on these claims. However, out of the three I’ve listed, this is surely the one that is most likely to be made. A number of actors are being considered for the role, and David’s family do not seem to be against the idea, as long as the singer is done justice. I’m not entirely sure what angle they would take and which aspects of his life they’d focus on, but the very prospect of a biopic actually happening is undeniably intriguing.

What would the film be called? The fantastical film about Elton John was called Rocketman, so why not “Starman” for Bowie? It seems like a very apt choice.

Are there any musical biopics you would like to see? Or are you already tired of them after Bohemian Rhapsody and Rocketman? Let me know in the comments below, or start a conversation with me on my following social media links:

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One thought on “3 Musical Biopics I’d Love to See

  1. I love the idea of a Sinatra biopic starring Richard Madden! I’m surprised there hasn’t been a Fleetwood Mac biopic yet. I have a list of the ten artists/bands I like to see get the biopic treatment:
    – George Harrison–I don’t mind a Beatles biopic. However, I can see a biopic of the most spiritual Beatle being downright magical!
    – Bee Gees
    – The Eagles/Don Henley
    – The Who/Pete Townshend
    – John Fogerty (of Creedence Clearwater Revival)
    – Eric Clapton
    – The Rolling Stones/Mick Jagger
    – Guns N Roses
    – AC/DC
    – Bruce Springsteen

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